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Holiday Layered Bean Dip: Recipe Redux

Bean Dip with Pita Chips

The annual latke potluck party took place on the second night of Chanukah this year.  This is the third year we have done it but the first year I am hosting.  Debbie and Aaron brought the Potato Latke ingredients, Yoni and Benjo were responsible for the salad and donuts (an absolute must!), and Brad and I were on Entrée duty- we decided on Lasagna.  Then I joined The Recipe Redux.
From the left: Brad, Benjo, Yoni, Lyla, and Debbie
Founded by Registered Dietitians, The Recipe Redux is a recipe challenge club focused on taking classic yummy dishes and enhancing the nutritional components while retaining the flavor a.k.a Recipe Makeover.  Every month there is a new theme that the group has to work with to create a delicious healthy dish.  This month’s theme is “Putting the P(ea) in Potluck” where we have to use legumes in a party-friendly dish.
I knew I would want to feature my Redux dish at the party but where do legumes fit into a Latke party?  Then it hit me- appetizer!  Part of the fun of a Latke party is making the latkes together.  Between peeling potatoes, cracking eggs, grating, and frying, there is a lot to do and it takes time.  Everyone is so hungry while the latkes are being made - wouldn’t it make sense to have something delicious to snack on while we were working?
Layered bean dips are a classic party food and since they’re typically overloaded with added fat and calories, they have a lot of potential to be Redux’d.  Here is my rendition of a classic party favorite:
Layered Black Bean Dip
Black bean dip (see recipe below)
16 oz salsa
2 c guacamole (I used pre-made)
15 oz light sour cream
4 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
1 small tomato, diced
Layering Directions:
Layer in a clear medium-sized bowl or trifle dish.  Make sure to spread each layer against the side of the bowl so the layered look comes through.
Layer 1: Black Bean Dip
(adapted from Pinch My Salt)
15 oz can black beans, no salt added
2 T liquid from can of beans
2 T lime juice
¼ t onion powder, paprika, garlic powder. salt
Drain and rinse beans, reserving 2 T of liquid
Place beans, liquid, lime juice, and spices into food processor and process until smooth
The bean dip looks like chocolate!
Layer 2: Salsa
Layer 3: Guacamole
Layer 4: Sour cream
Layer 5: Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Layer 6: Diced Tomatoes
Have guests scoop out from the bottom with a big spoon to make sure they get all 6 layers.  Serve with pita or baked tortilla chips!  Happy Chanukah! And for another Legume recipe, check out my lentil soup recipe.
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  1. I can attest that everything was super yummy! Especially the bean dip! It was the perfect thing to snack on while we were frying up the latkes.

  2. I can never pass up a good layered bean dip and yours does look delish (and I must say, I'm a bit jealous about the homemade latkes, too.) So glad to have you on board for Redux - thanks for participating so soon after joining!


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